Thursday, April 18, 2013

12 Days of Harper: One Singular Sensation

This is a series I'm doing in honor of my daughter's first year of life. One day for every month of her life leading up to her first birthday. I'm probably not going to go into the gory details (because I honestly can't remember them), but I do want to chronicle each month for posterity. And because I don't want to have to tell her later in life that I don't remember anything about her childhood (which would most likely happen, I'm looking at you Dad ;)

If you want to, you can read about her birth and some pretty insightful lessons I learned shortly thereafter, also.

The first month of Harper's life was a seemingly endless cycle of naps, watching The West Wing, taking pictures, visitors, and tears (mostly mine, but a little hers). Since she came 3.5 weeks early, we had a few weeks with nothing planned and no weddings to attend.  It was glorious and such a gift from the Lord! We instantly fell in love. She was sooooooo sooooooo tiny.  I'm sorry if that blaring spelling error bothers you, but I really have no other way of explaining it.  Ok, I do, but I thought I would lose you if I called her infinitesimal. Anyway, she was small and her wee preemie outfits were still baggy.  Later, when JNCOs come back in style, we'll say she's been a trendsetter since she was born. Here are my favorite pictures from the first month with our itty bitty fashionista.

"it's only been a month?"

Tomorrow is month 2, aka Harper-lives-in-the-car month. 


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