Friday, May 25, 2012

Hear me roar!

Due date, hear me roar!

Thursday was the day Harper was expected. But, as you may or may not know, she is a tiny little bundle of the unexpected. This last (almost) month has been full. We love being her parents and have learned so much already. So, I thought I would pass on a few of those things even though it may or may not be meaningless to you. I'll just give you a list.

1. I am still not a morning person.
I know you're probably shocked to find that I wasn't one to begin with, but if you've ever had to wake me up or share a room with isn't pretty. And it's not getting any better just because I have this sweet, incredibly cute baby to get up for. Mornings are still lame in my world.

2. Napping all the time sounds better than it feels.
I like naps. In college, my friends and I heard about this man whose sleep cycle consisted of sleeping 30 minutes every 4 hours. I thought that sounded like a good idea. It's like napping 6 times a day and you don't miss out on very much. Well, I have now experienced a sleep pattern similar and, let me tell you, that man was tired. A day full of naps is ungreat...

3. Entertainment is not necessary.
You'd think that after staring at someone who only eats and sleeps for a few weeks, one would be bored. But let me tell you, I could stare at this kid all day, every day. She never gets old. And I can't imagine what it's going to be like when she actually does something else... like talks! Or even maintains eye contact. Hours and hours of fun!

4. Purpose is captivating.
Having something (in this case someone) that gives you motivation is divine. Parenthood is not just "be fruitful and multiply." It is purpose. We have the authority and privilege of raising this world changer. We've been commissioned to care for, love, and disciple one of His children. That makes the lack of sleep and obsession with bodily functions all worthwhile.

These lessons might not change THE world, but they've sure changed MY world. And in the words of the Notorious B.I.G: if you don't know, now you know.

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