More on the adventure...

Why are we living the great adventure, you ask?  Why did we leave our lovely home, favorite little city, and beloved state of Texas to move to Baton Rouge, LA in the summer of 2012?  The answer is simple. 2.84 billion.  That's how many people there are in the world who have never heard what Jesus has done for them.  The good news is that we know where all these people are.  Now all we need is someone to go. We believe that God has called us to gather and mobilize a generation in Baton Rouge to reach those who are unreached in our city and in the world. We know that when God gets personal and local, people are never the same. God absolutely changed both of our lives in college and we can't help but feel passionate about what He can do in a surrendered heart.  Then when these surrendered hearts go to the nations, the world will be changed for the glory of God.

We started in a house. Small group community just like we see in the book of Acts. A few people came at first, and soon their hearts were burning to see Jesus exalted in Baton Rouge. Our church has grown deep and wide over the last couple of years. We now meet in a school every Sunday and continue throughout the week to meet in homes all across the city. But the community is still the same.

It's as simple as that. Love God. Love each other. Change the world

This is our great adventure.