Saturday, April 20, 2013

Jacob Andrew Griffin

The man, the myth, the legend is 30 today.  I cannot imagine my life without Jake's humor, encouragement, or leadership.  Or stories.  He's more than I could ever describe, but I'll give it a shot.  Here are some of the many things (don't worry, it won't be a novel...) that I love about my hubs.

30. He refused to wear jeans in elementary school.  He wore athletic shorts every day. Hopefully (for my jean-loving heart) our boys won't, but he's always had strong opinions about pants.

29. Kazoozles. The man loves weird candy and I love that about him.

28. Friends are family and family are friends to him.

27. He thrives on competition. It pushes him and makes him a huge trash-talker. And makes him not feel bad when he beats me at everything.

26. His eyes. They are beautiful. No need to feel awkward. Just take my word for it!

25. Encouragement is his go-to conversation.  It doesn't matter who you are or what your conversation is about, Jake will encourage you.  It's a gift.

24. He loves to have a great time.

23. He carries a deep compassion for people, just like Jesus.

22. Fathering comes so naturally to him.  Even before Harper came along, he was the best dad to anyone he met!

21.Tabasco sauce goes on everything. Pizza? Duh. Fish? Tabasco's best friend. Soup? Unbearable without the sauce. Cupcakes? Well, he hasn't tried it yet, but I wouldn't put it past him.

20. His patience is never-ending.  With me, Harper, Ruby, football games... he always has a reserve of calm and patience.  I need to learn that from him.

19. Sour Octopus.  See #29

18. He's an incredible musician.

17. He's humble about his countless talents. He's humble about everything... except football... just joking... kinda

16. Making me laugh is one of his top goals in life.

15. He gets sore from Wii bowling. Before you make fun of him, let me explain.  He puts his all into everything. It is physically impossible for him to do something halfway, which is why he gets a workout even from Wii bowling...

14. His love for the word of God is matched only by his love for the body of Christ.

13. He eats more than anyone I've ever met.

12. Jake has never run away from a challenge. Fear is a joke to him and it makes him such a safe person to run with.

11. He loves me in the morning.

10. The man can dance.

9. He makes the best coffee you'll ever have. And he has taught me to do the same.

8. Loyal to the core.

7. Jake is faithful in everything he does, giant or unseen.  It's easy to trust a man like that.

6. He has the amazing gift to see the big picture clearly and dream wildly while still caring deeply for the one in front of him.

5. He's huge and extremely good-looking.

4. Technology is his greatest weakness.  Ask him to tear down a wall... NBD. Update his phone?  Well, let's just say he's a few updates behind.  But I love that he values the real world more than updating his (very new) Facebook.

3. He has faith that will move mountains.

2. Perseverance. He is a fighter and no matter how many times he gets knocked down, he will get back up.  He fights for purity, joy, me, you and anyone or anything else that needs it.

1. He is secure in the calling on his life and does not waver, even in adversity.

Here's to the best decade yet, baber!
(Baber is a joke, so don't judge us.)

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  1. I totally agree about number 6. So glad you guys are in our lives.