We are the Griffins

Our story is the not-so-typical college romance. You see, Jake was graduated and Abigail a wee sophomore when the relationship blossomed.  He thought it was a match made in heaven.  She was not so sure, but willing to give it a shot.  Fast forward and now we have been married since 2008 and living the dream.  Guess Jake was right about this one!

Jake is definitely the louder of the two of us. Ask him about Jesus, the church, or football and he can talk passionately for hours. Abigail is passionate about those things, too, and mostly just loves to laugh.

This is Harper Ella Griffin.  Born almost 4 weeks early in April 2012, but perfectly healthy, she is a fireball and already knows what she wants.  She's not so small anymore, but her smile can still make even the biggest man melt.  Just ask her dad!

And this little guy is Cyrus Andrew! Born in January 2014, he is already following in his dad's large footsteps. He's a happy little dude and we can't remember what our family was like before he joined it!

The last, but not least, member of our family is Ruby. Taken in by a no kill dog rescue, then adopted by us, she is a survivor and just a tad on the crazy side. And, as you can see, we love the heck out of her!