Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When I Get Older

I will be stronger. Or so the song says...

Jake and I are hitting the sky. Leaving on a jet plane. We are so excited and we just can't hide it. In just 19 days we will be on our way to Cape Town, South Africa. We, along with our team, are believing for a miracle during these in between days. You see, we need $30,000 before we can leave the land of the free behind. We can infer from Psalms (50 to be exact) that God owns everything, so this amount is nothing to Him and we are oh so thankful for that. Would you believe with us?

South Africa is a country not-so-subtly divided. Apartheid, slavery, corrupt government, and forced Christianity. Cities and townships. It is dangerous and beautiful. Spiritual and lost. The face of Cape Town is many different colors. They have ideas and dreams. They are hopeful, though wandering.


God wants to bring His kingdom to these people. He wants to see slaves set free, poverty wiped out and a generation unified. A nation stronger, from the inside out. People from all over Africa and the Middle East come to Cape Town to attend university. This is a city able to affect nations. And we hope to give them something to take to their people. Not a social system or a structure, but a relationship with the only person that truly brings restoration and freedom. Jesus. Years could possibly make this nation stronger, but He definitely and eternally will.

We so appreciate you joining us on our journey of following Jesus. Your prayer and support mean the world to us! Thanks for being on our team.

p.s. if you are in Waco, we are having a garage sale (donations? we'll take anything we can get) and selling t-shirts to raise some funds. let me know if you want in on that :)