Monday, April 22, 2013

12 Days of Harper: It's Five O'clock (in the morning) Somewhere

This is a series celebrating my babe's first year of life. One day for every month of her life leading up to her first birthday. You can catch up on the first, second, third and fourth months and then come on back here for the next installment.

I hope my title didn't offend you. Because it's really a joke. Babies sometimes wake up early in the morning and I don't even know that song...

Anyway, this was a milestone month. Monumental! Harper went to her first LSU football game. A day she (won't) remember the rest of her life. But we'll tell her about it and show her how cute she looked. And surprisingly, we all had fun. This is also the month Harper decided that her swaddle was done-zo. I thought I might have to swaddle her in college because of how magical it was, but the transition was easy. Harper also enjoyed her first World Mandate, a missions conference hosted by Antioch in Waco. But we didn't have to drive to Waco. We got to stream it in our living room and Harper thoroughly enjoyed listening to Christine Caine. Here's the proof:

First tastes and cute pictures by the lovely Carolynn Seibert up next! See you tomorrow?