Saturday, April 20, 2013

12 Days of Harper: Three Times a Lady

This is a series celebrating my babe's first year of life. One day for every month of her life leading up to her first birthday.  You can catch up on the first and second months then come on back here for the next installment.

Month 3= travel. We began the month by packing up our beloved house and baby and moving to the great state of Louisiana.  Harper fared pretty well considering she (and we...) had never seen the house we were moving into.  If you've kept up with us, you know it worked out very well! Since we knew we were moving shortly after Harper was born, we never set up her nursery in Waco. So after finally settling into her crib for a few weeks in Baton Rouge, we jetted off to Colorado for two weeks.  As if we weren't enamored enough already, Harper is a wonderful traveler.  And she loved Colorado because it was so cool and relaxing... oh wait, that was us. This month she rolled over for the first time! That was huge in baby-world.  Now without further ado:

Can't get enough of that little smile!
Surprise! Tomorrow is month 4... ok, not surprise, more like a shameless ploy to make you wonder. Did it work? For a second?


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