Monday, March 31, 2014

13 of 52

Harper is a leftie. Though she still technically has some time to prove otherwise, you can see the proof in this picture. She's devouring chips and salsa. (Jake hopes this trend continues to our boy.)
Cy is huge. Really, he's normal, but for this house he is huge. And we're just smitten with his double chin and chubby cheeks. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

12 of 52


My girl likes to stuff everything in sight into her mouth. Especially cheese flavored things. This is a mouth full of cheez-its. Her happy place. 
My guy, Cy, is enjoying his first March Madness. And we are enjoying him finding his voice and love for basketball.  

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sausage Legs and Bare Feet

Maybe it was the way her chubby thighs were stuffed into black and white striped leggings like sausages.

It also could have been her perfect post-nap hair and bare feet.

Or maybe it was the way she bent down, saying "wow," over and over when she discovered her first ant pile.

Whatever the reason, this week I've wanted to freeze time and have an almost-23-month-old Harper forever. Her life is like the snowball effect right now and I feel like I need someone to slow this roll.

She is curious and soft and willing. Everyday she is learning something new; soaking up every ounce of life. She loves and feels deeply, without fear or restraint. Her laugh comes easily and her tears slow quickly in the comfort of her mother's arms. I don't want her to lose that.

And I don't want to miss it. We won't always have these days together and I hope I won't waste a minute of them. But there are times when I get so wrapped up in documenting our life that I forget to enjoy it. I would hate to miss the wonder of an ant pile for fear that I'll miss a photo. I'd rather have the moment and the memory. And I'd rather Harper see me enjoying her than my face obscured by a white rectangle, of which I'm too often guilty.  

This does not mean I will stop taking pictures or trying to get a video of "I'm a little teapot." (Don't worry, Mom and Dad, I just cleared space on my phone for more of those ;) But it is my pledge to be more like Harper. Free and living in every moment that comes my way.

Because, just maybe, it's the only way to slow that roll.

Monday, March 17, 2014

11 of 52

Harper has found a new recliner. Surprisingly, they were comfortable like this for a few minutes. 
We have a 2 month old. What in the world? He is strong and becoming smiley and fits perfectly in our family. 

By the way, how is it already halfway through March?? Someone please tell me. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

10 of 52

Harper has a great big curious mind. She's very observant and figures things out quicker than I expect most of the time. Take, for instance, her dad's can of shaving cream. Figured that out and remembered to put it on her cheek. She smelled like a man the rest of the day. 
Cy is growing by the nap, it seems. Here are his most expressive hands and, thankfully, a serious sleep face. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ready to Run

Before we go any further there are two things you should know about me.

The first is that I hate running.

The second is that I make decisions very carefully (read: slowly). I've been known to take my time buying shoes, of course, but the same is true for important decisions. Especially when these decisions will greatly affect me and my family. Wait, did I just say buying shoes wasn't important? Anyway, I do this because when I make decisions quickly I usually end up wishing I could change my mind. 

All of that to say, I started training for a 5k as soon as I was cleared to exercise by my midwife a couple of weeks ago. You probably remember this post about  LSU's student organization Tigers Against Trafficking hosting an annual 5k. Last year, I walked it. Good, careful decision. This year, I decided I would run it. With my two children. In a (non-jogging) stroller. I, at least, had the good sense to realize I would need to train for this. So I downloaded my couch to 5k app, made a playlist, bought some new running shoes, and never looked back. Until that day 2 weeks later when I could barely walk because my knees hurt so bad. Uhhhh.... what?  I thought I was 27 and fit as a fiddle (why is that even a saying?). I am, but apparently I'm not.

And, well, here I am, living on ibuprofen and icing my knees everyday and I AM NOT EVEN RUNNING ANYMORE. This is why I don't make quick decisions. And also a new reason to hate running.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

9 of 52

I've been reminded over and over again this week that this time in our lives is a privilege. When I look back years from now, I probably won't miss the sleepless nights and food splatter at every meal, but I will most definitely cherish the still moments when I held these babes in my arms. It can be overwhelming at times, but being a parent to these two is a gift. It is eternally significant and yet so temporal and fragile. I hope I am learning the delicate balance of living today and planning for tomorrow because the opportunities will soon grow up and move away. 
These pictures are of little treasures happening now. Harper, in a rare moment of not splashing water all over me, learning to pour with all the patience and concentration in the world. And Cy being taken care of by his sister, as evidenced by the monkey next to his head. I guess he looked bored...
I am so proud to be their mom and honored that God would allow me to steward these little dreamers. 
And cheers to perspective!