Friday, November 30, 2012

Head-butts and Harper's cold

Babies.  They are sweet and cuddly and mushy for about 2 months.  Then they start lifting their heads and kicking their legs.  Head-butts and kicks in the stomach are not conducive to cuddling.  Add that to a baby that is somewhat independent and increasingly mobile and you find yourself wanting to go back to those newborn days when she literally could only lay in your arms... or you find yourself wanting her to get sick.  Wait, what? Yes.  I said it.  There is a small percentage of my heart that enjoys a sick tiny Griffin.  Sorry grandparents and those of you who think I'm heartless.  But at least let me explain myself before you get all, "oh no she didn't." Here are my reasons:

5. The humidifier acts as a sound machine.  Brilliant.  She takes awesome naps! I'm not convinced yet that it's serving its intended purpose, but who cares?
(I don't use a sound machine all the time, though I know many people who swear by them, because I try to avoid sleep props)

4. Flushed cheeks.  They're so cute and edible! Truthfully, this happens some when she's not sick and so I get a fix and she doesn't have to be ill.

3. Cherry-flavored clear tylenol.  Harper likes it and I think it's funny that she lunges for the syringe and sucks like the world is ending tomorrow.

2. Harper's mood doesn't change.  So far in her short life, her illnesses have been mild and it doesn't seem to affect her demeanor.  I think that if she was fussy or crazy, I probably wouldn't be saying any of this.

1. CUDDLES. I love when Harper just wants to lay on me.  She sometimes strokes (read: pulls) my hair and lays very still.  It's unbelievably sweet.

In actuality, I don't want her to be sick, but those things just make it bearable, I guess.  So you can stop questioning my fitness as a parent now...


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