Friday, December 7, 2012


Y'all, I was in college for 6 years.  And no, I do not have a masters degree. But I guess I really only took 5 years of classes.  It went like this: two years at Baylor (meet a hunka hunka burnin' love), do Elevate (the discipleship training school at Antioch in Waco), one year of more pre-reqs and retakes, two years of nursing school. In that time, I took a lot of finals. And I always loved finals week. I'm sure you'll understand why after this week's high five.

5. Two words: dead days. Nothing to do; nowhere to be. Classes are over, but tests haven't started. It's only a couple of days, so it's perfect because any longer would just be lazy, you know.

4. In the winter: you have to bundle up and drink tons of coffee and hot chocolate and sit around all day. And your friends do, too. You're looking forward to Christmas and family and the new year. It's magical.

3. In the summer: you get to lay out by the pool for hours on end, studying of course, or make sno-cone runs for a study break.  School's (about to be) out for summer.

2. Study parties. Pancake break.  Finals baking.  Junk food.  Coffee.  Library pranks.

1. Relief and hope. It's as if you can breath again after that last question on the last test.  The semester is over.  You can look forward to whatever is coming in the next season. You get a clean slate.  It's so wonderful.

That being said, I am so glad not to be in school right now.  Because I'm not, I'm living vicariously through the college students at church.  We've had a study party, made coffee, sat around and gone to bed late.  So. Much. Fun.  You can hate finals, but I think we should all agree that finals week is the best.  

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