Friday, November 9, 2012

'Merica, y'all.

Now that election season is over and it's once again safe to share my opinions on social media without getting karate chopped in the mentions, I thought I'd do it. Here's why I love America.*

6. Reality t.v.  Had you going, didn't I...

5. Air conditioning. This one is serious. Please, don't judge me.  I live in Louisiana, so it's pretty much a necessity. I like to think I'm not high maintenance, but I know I'm a lightweight in this area.

4. Diversity. So many thoughts, ideas, personalities, passions, gifts, talents, cultures and experiences. I believe this is the way heaven will be!  

3.  It's the land of opportunity. You can be nothing and then become something.  Almost anything you can dream, is a possibility.  Of course, this creates Beanie Babies and Toby Keith, but I'm not going to pour the baby out with the bathwater.    

2. Courageous men (and women).  People who believe in our country enough to fight for what they believe in. Red, blue, green, white.  I'm not saying I agree with all of them, but they are strong enough to stand up for what they think is best. They give up years of their life to lead and serve us. That is honorable.

1. There is freedom.  Countless brave men and women have laid down their lives that I might live in a country that has all these things and more. I can love and serve God without fearing for my life or my livelihood. I can vote for those courageous men.  I can create and fail and create again. I have a voice.  I can use that voice to stand for those who don't have one.  This is beautiful and hopefully a foreshadowing for Americans of the freedom found in Jesus.      

Thank you for your time. God bless you and God bless 'merica.


P.S. I love all the countries on this planet! And I'm positive that they all have equally awesome qualities, but that's for another day and another list...

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