Friday, March 29, 2013

Harper's new skill

That would be putting weird things in her mouth.  I know kids like to put everything in their mouths, so this could be one of those "look at my first child doing totally normal things that I think are so weird!" But here are some the extraordinary things she has "tested."

5. Rubber balls.  No matter the size, she tries to stuff it in her mouth.  She obviously found one that fits.

4. Paper.  Not that weird, but she doesn't swallow it.  She chews on it like gum. And gets mad when I take it out of her mouth.

3. Other people's fingers.  Anyone and everyone. Even if she has never seen you before, she wants to put your fingers in her mouth. It sort of makes sense to me, but I'm sure other people find it a little unnerving.

2. My coffee cup. She will sometimes want other cups, but she always wants my coffee cup.  This might be one of the early warning signs of a coffee addict (and the fact that caffeine doesn't really affect her...), but I think it's pretty cute.  So what if I'm an enabler.

1. Strings from Ruby's toys.  Ruby (our dog, in case I'm moving too fast for you) destroys any toy we give her.  She got a rope toy and likes to rip it up and leave the strings everywhere.  Harper then finds said strings and chews on them (kind of like the paper...). So we've gotten rid of Ruby's toys. Hopefully she sees it as a sacrifice of love.

Normal? Probably. Will I make fun of her for it anyway? Definitely.


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