Monday, March 25, 2013

We are the change.

This weekend our family had the privilege of supporting Tigers Against Trafficking, and the end of human trafficking, by running in their annual 5k.
Or if you accidentally took a shortcut, it was about a 4k. And when I say running, I mean Jake ran and I walked and Harper just strolled...
But my point is that we loved being a part of this incredible cause. If you don't know, here are some quick facts on human trafficking:

-$ 32 billion dollars: estimated gross profit of the world’s fastest growing criminal industry (UN)

-27 million: number of people the UN estimates are enslaved right now.

-2 million: number of children enslaved (UNICEF)

-Over 17,500 victims are trafficked in the U.S. annually and approximately 33% are American citizens. The full scope of the problem has yet to be determined, as the crime of human trafficking is often intertwined with drug trafficking and prostitution.

-Trafficking in the U.S. often occurs in street prostitution, massage parlors, and brothels, and for labor in domestic service, agriculture, manufacturing, janitorial services, hospitality industries, construction, health and elder care, and strip club dancing. U.S. citizen victims, both adults and children, are predominantly found in sex trafficking; U.S. citizen child victims are often runaways, troubled, and homeless youth. Foreign victims are more often found in labor trafficking than sex trafficking.

(sources: and

This is a real problem and it is time for us to be a voice for those who are enslaved. We can be the change. If you are stirred by this, then check out the organizations I've cited and do whatever you can, wherever you are. That's what we did on Saturday. Here are some snapshots of an abolitionist family:

There are quite a few of our college students who are in leadership and volunteer with this student organization. It was so fun watching them not only raise awareness for this issue but also $12,000 for the A21 Campaign. Bridget, Genn, Amanda, Mary, Roz, Katie, Lauren, Cydni, Gabe, TJ, Jonathan, Michael, Guey, Sam, Bear, Connor, and Eva we are so proud of you!


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