Tuesday, March 12, 2013

You looking for me?

I was that flash you saw running to get leaves and strings and paper out of my child's mouth. Why doesn't anyone tell you that 10 month olds are actually the fastest people on the planet? They should have an event at the Olympics.

But since you were looking, here's what we've been up to lately:

-We've been watching The Biggest Loser with our roomie Katie.  We do a circuit workout during the commercials and it kicks my tail. Basically, we do some sort of calisthenics for 30 seconds in cycles of 3. We laugh a lot, but I feel the burn...  And people who know, cheer for Danni! She's our favorite!

-Harper is a crawling machine. She was slow to start this season, and for that I am thankful. She loves getting trying to get into the fireplace and finding every piece of dirt my broom missed.  

-Our Antioch tank made the LSU edition of the Harlem Shake phenomenon. Watch the dancer on the right very closely...

-Our church is growing! We now have (almost) 6 lifegroups. Well, technically 5, but there are three world-changing high schoolers discussing their lifegroup launch in my living room as we speak. Mobile church is the way we roll (literally), meeting mostly in hotels and setting up and tearing down each week.  So far we haven't lost anyone along the way, so that's something! 

By the way, we send out monthly e-mail updates. Some of you already get them, but if you do not and you want to hear more about our blossoming church, go here and sign up. Or whatever you want to do...

Until next time,  

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