Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ready to Run

Before we go any further there are two things you should know about me.

The first is that I hate running.

The second is that I make decisions very carefully (read: slowly). I've been known to take my time buying shoes, of course, but the same is true for important decisions. Especially when these decisions will greatly affect me and my family. Wait, did I just say buying shoes wasn't important? Anyway, I do this because when I make decisions quickly I usually end up wishing I could change my mind. 

All of that to say, I started training for a 5k as soon as I was cleared to exercise by my midwife a couple of weeks ago. You probably remember this post about  LSU's student organization Tigers Against Trafficking hosting an annual 5k. Last year, I walked it. Good, careful decision. This year, I decided I would run it. With my two children. In a (non-jogging) stroller. I, at least, had the good sense to realize I would need to train for this. So I downloaded my couch to 5k app, made a playlist, bought some new running shoes, and never looked back. Until that day 2 weeks later when I could barely walk because my knees hurt so bad. Uhhhh.... what?  I thought I was 27 and fit as a fiddle (why is that even a saying?). I am, but apparently I'm not.

And, well, here I am, living on ibuprofen and icing my knees everyday and I AM NOT EVEN RUNNING ANYMORE. This is why I don't make quick decisions. And also a new reason to hate running.

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