Sunday, March 2, 2014

9 of 52

I've been reminded over and over again this week that this time in our lives is a privilege. When I look back years from now, I probably won't miss the sleepless nights and food splatter at every meal, but I will most definitely cherish the still moments when I held these babes in my arms. It can be overwhelming at times, but being a parent to these two is a gift. It is eternally significant and yet so temporal and fragile. I hope I am learning the delicate balance of living today and planning for tomorrow because the opportunities will soon grow up and move away. 
These pictures are of little treasures happening now. Harper, in a rare moment of not splashing water all over me, learning to pour with all the patience and concentration in the world. And Cy being taken care of by his sister, as evidenced by the monkey next to his head. I guess he looked bored...
I am so proud to be their mom and honored that God would allow me to steward these little dreamers. 
And cheers to perspective! 

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