Friday, January 11, 2013


I've never really done New Year's resolutions.  I like setting goals and making lists... duh, but I actually can't remember a year where I made resolutions... or followed through with them.  So, I'm not doing it this year either.  BUT I will improve, move forward, and use the newness of the year to my mental and organizational advantage. So here are some things I want to do or reup in 2013.

5. Fix my hair. I have been blessed with curly hair that can air dry and look awesome (right?!?).  So I do that most days, but this year, I want to fix my hair more often.  I think I straightened my hair twice last year, so that means I thought about my hair twice... And this is not a vanity thing.  It's more like a grown-up thing.

4. Throw stuff away.  I have hoarder tendencies.  Part of it is the fact that I am laid back (thanks Mom!).  Part of it is that I always think I might need something later.  You know, like the chocolate I got for Christmas.  Sure I could eat it today, but then what happens when I need it in a week?  Or those t-shirts from all the shows I went to in high school?  Those could one day be vintage and though they will never fit me again (or maybe never did?), my kids might need them. See my logic? Alright, fine. I'll get rid of the shirts.

3. Sing.  Not because I love the song, but because I love to sing.  It's fun, can be funny, changes moods, passes time, and more importantly brings glory to the Lord.  Thankfully, Harper really likes it when I sing and since she's with me pretty much every waking hour of her day, she'll get a lot of it.

2. Be a better friend.  I have the most amazing friends and family (referred to from now on as "friends").  Seriously.  Nothing illuminates how awesome your friends are like having a baby and moving in a 2 month time period. I would like to return the favor this year. I want to encourage, bless, love, and support all of you amazing people!

1. Thrive.  If I'm being honest, motherhood is not always full of life.  Sometimes, it becomes about survival.  I just need to make it until naptime and then I'll be ok.  And then the babe decides not to nap.  And then I start calling everyone in the house crazy and singing, "y'all gonna make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here."  Instead of this downward spiral, I think I'll thrive in every moment.  Harper doesn't want to nap? Ok, we can spend time with God together instead. I just need to let go of attaining perfection in my day, chunking it to the wind when I don't, and just thrive in the moment by moment.  I can do that.

Happy 2013 everybody!


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