Friday, October 26, 2012

A Series of Fortunate Events

I had the realization (in the shower, of course) that I'm pretty fond of lists. Grocery, packing, gifts, set, pretty much any kind of list. Most people like crossing things off of their lists. But I don't get a ton of satisfaction out of that.  I'm hooked on the organizing of those tasks/thoughts, etc.  Which led to another revelation (same place) that I should make lists RIGHT HERE! I know you're constantly wondering what I am thinking... so I'll put it in list form.  You're welcome.  

This series of lists will sometimes be humorous, other times serious, but always thankful. I want to remember all the things I have and the things that make me laugh.  I'm going to call this the High Five.  I decided on five because ten is a lot when you don't have a team of writers to be funny and witty and insightful. We can't all be Dave, you know.  In honor of alliterations, I'll be posting the High Fives on Friday every week. 

I recently celebrated my birthday. I began the downward slope of my 20s. Weird. Anyway, this High Five will be the top things that have changed since I began the decade.

5. I had a nose ring.  I think there are still some picture on the Facebook that I haven't untagged.                                            Disclaimer: I loved that thing when I had it. No, I won't get it again. And... sorry Mom. 

4. Harper. Duh. Sophmore year in college vs. motherhood.  My roomies were quieter, the work less rewarding, but equally sleep deprived.

3. My skin care regime.  Amazingly, I never washed my face, took off my makeup, or wore sunscreen until I got married. Please don't leave me hateful comments. I've since realized the error of my ways.  

2. On my 20th birthday, I was living single.  A few months later though (or a year...), I was swept off my feet. I'm thankful that I have spent most of the decade with my best friend!

1. I lived in Texas.  Moment of silence.  Now open your mouth... and take a big bite of gumbo.  Long live Louisana!

Life is, obviously, good. More to come next Friday!


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