Sunday, June 17, 2012

One month, wedding season, and Father's day.

This post will be full of updates. Babies, marriages, holidays, and pictures.  Just imagine yourself as a child carrying a glass of milk that is filled to the very top.  Don't spill any, ok?

First things first, (because, oops, it's three weeks late...) Harper turned one month old on May 29th.  Four weeks of diapers, middle-of-the-night feedings, preemie clothes, and lots of learning. We loved the first month of getting to know our little fighter.  She knows what she wants, even if she's only been in the world for a month. She took her first car trip to Houston. It was peaceful and she loved being with Grammy and Pop! Here she is at 4 weeks!

Around our house, this summer has been dubbed "the summer of the wedding." Today we finished our marathon of 7 weddings in 5 weeks.  Harper has been to four weddings, a rehearsal dinner and a bachelorette party and she's not even 2 months old.  Let's just say, she's going to be a wedding pro.  We had the privilege of being in the weddings of some our best friends. I wish I had more pictures.... but, here are a few to show you all the fun we had...

 our first family photo! at the Nottoli wedding
me and Kate Wasion
me and Leah Lara

Today is Jake's first father's day.  Sadly, he is in Houston and Harper is in Ft. Worth, but she's been sending him texts all day to tell him how great of a dad he is.  I can attest to the fact that he is a wonderful father.  He loves Harper so much and loves taking care of her. She will definitely know how important and special she is in this world.  She is a blessed daughter. 

Another blessed daughter is me. I had the honor of growing up with the Allan McBrayer.  He is funny, incredibly smart, and a great teacher.  He taught me many things; the least of which are driving and golf.  Selflessness and dedication, though, are among the top. He constantly gives his time and expertise to others.  In the gospels, we see that Jesus welcomes the interruption of people because he has compassion on them. I saw this in my own life everyday that I lived with my dad.  I hope that I can master these things the way he has and teach my daughter as well as he taught me.  Because Lord knows, I didn't master golf...

There's your glimpse into our summer.  Did you spill any of that milk?

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