Saturday, June 30, 2012

She Let Go, Jack.

I am not sappy. I hardly ever cry. I hate cheesy lines. You know like, "I'll never let go, Jack," or "you are the wind beneath my wings." I've been known to laugh out loud at serious movies (see quote above) or my husband being romantic (but not since we've been married. I learned a thing or two in pre-marital counseling). A lot of first dance songs at weddings jump start my gag reflex. But not any of the ones I've been to recently, in case you're reading, newlyweds.
Don't get me wrong. I am sentimental. (See my post about traditions) I didn't cry at my own wedding, but the vows Jake made are the most special words someone has ever said to me. And I just love reading over old journals and remembering different seasons of my life.
So, imagine my surprise when a song came on the radio the other day and I almost started weeping while driving up I-35. What song you ask? Not a Dashboard Confessional song or the song we danced to at our wedding. It was none other than I Hope You Dance by LeeAnn Womack. I know, I know, so two thousand and late. I used to give this song the stank face back then. Fast forward a decade and some and I have a daughter. Say what you want about pregnancy hormones and what not, but I really do hope that she never fears those mountains in the distance or settles for the path of least resistance. I'm being pretty vulnerable here, so try not to ridicule.
This incident made me realize that nothing is sappy when it comes to your babes. Though Harper may one day roll her eyes and beg me to stop singing lame songs to her in public (which I undoubtedly will not), she will know that I love her.
And maybe she will dance...


  1. You for sure will sing lame songs to her in public.

  2. Love you!! Praying for you guys today and your 100 day push!