Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Can I get a witness?

Awesome things are happening in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  God is building the church, strengthening our family, and they are building a Pei Wei (hallelujah!). We are constantly blown away at the faithfulness of God.  So here is the story in pictures of our journey thus far as a church.  Enjoy!

It started simply in our living room in August, with people gathering on Sunday nights at 5:30. We worshipped, learned what church should be and had dinner together.

Living in Baton Rouge means tailgating on game days.  

We learned a lot about what church is and is not.  It is not four walls or a preacher, it is community and sharing Jesus wherever you are.

We continued to fill our living room, growing a little wider and deeper each week.

In November, we had our first baptism service in the bed of a truck! People were stirred as these girls shared how Jesus had changed their lives!

Our lifegroups grew (and had lots of fun!)
Young adult on top, college on bottom.

And then this happened. 120 people in every imaginable space in our living room. We were blown away! This also happened to be the last week in our house.

Our first week in the Radisson hotel, with room to grow!

Even the littles are getting in on the action. The children's ministry is a girl party right now, but we love our time with them!

As of today we have four lifegroups, 130-150 people coming on Sundays, countless volunteers, and 9  very thank-full hearts (our staff, of course)! We almost cannot believe how incredible God is.  We are expectant and excited about the next few months. I wonder what the next chapter will look like? To be continued...

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