Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Baby Cheating

Confession time: I cheat at having babies.
Don't get me wrong, I birthed both of those suckers, but I've managed to cheat just a little both times. 
You see, they come early. And they come fast. 
Harper entered the world rather suddenly at 36.5 weeks after my water broke. You can get the full story here
My sweet Cyrus came (almost 2 weeks ago!) at 38.5 weeks and arrived a mere 45 minutes after we did at the hospital. Let me start from the beginning though. After a couple of false alarms, I thought I was definitely in labor on Thursday night. Imagine my surprise (followed quickly by annoyance) when I woke up Friday morning and didn't have a baby. I was having some contractions but nothing too special until 11am. This is when the contractions started coming about 2-3 minutes apart. Finally around 12:30, between breathing and swaying, I told Jake we should probably get ready to go to the hospital. He sprang into action, getting friends, who were miraculously close to our house, to watch Harper and getting me in the truck (which happened to be almost out of gas, but miraculously never ran out...). We made it to the hospital in record time thanks to the truck's flashers, horn, and Jake's desire not to deliver his son on the interstate. As I was wheeled onto the L&D unit, the midwife asked me if I thought the baby was coming soon or if I needed time... I remember mumbling something about not knowing because Harper was crazy and I had pitocin and my water broke first and... I guess she finally decided just to see for herself. After finding out I was a whopping 5cm dilated, I walked into the delivery room around 1pm and tried to settle in. The contractions were serious by now, like no-one-talk-to-me-unless-you're-asking-to-massage-my-lower-back serious. My water broke about 1:30 and I things got real. I was ready (though oddly enough I was only 7cm dilated at the time?) and the midwife on hand, thankfully. Jake, once again my rock, sat close to my head encouraging me as Cy came into our world at 1:44pm. He weighed 7lbs and was 19.5 inches long. And, because I know you're all wondering, Jake didn't pass out! A miracle sandwich with a cute little miracle filling. 
That's just how I roll, I guess. I skip most of the get-this-baby-out weeks of pregnancy and the seriously-get-this-baby-out hours of labor. And I still get this:

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