Monday, May 13, 2013

A Kentucky Derby First Birthday

When I started looking for ideas for Harper's first birthday party, I was overwhelmed with the amount of cute themes. Make paper roses, they said.   Order a polka dot cake from this bakery, screamed the crowd. I mean, I'm just glad there wasn't Pinterest when I got married or I might have gone insane.
Well, I'm not super crafty (and I'm not rolling in the dough either) so my saving grace was the simplicity of a Derby-themed party (and the fact that Harper won't remember whether or not there were paper roses...).  We asked people to dress their Derby best and had the traditional spread of Hot Browns, Derby pies, and mint julep cupcakes. The extent of my craftiness was spray-painting plastic horses and making Oreo blue ribbon favors. Which, for the record, wouldn't have happened without my mom and I will never do again.  I think the kid really enjoyed the cake herself and everyone looked smashing! Here are some beautiful photographs taken by our talented friend Rebecca Guidry (thanks so much!!!).

same expression...

not interested in presents at all!

just a horse and his jockey

finally realizing she loves cake!

It was so fun to celebrate our little girl and a good excuse to dress up! Thanks to everyone who helped make Harper's first birthday an event to remember (for us anyway...)!


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