Friday, August 31, 2012

Chemical Spills, Mosquitoes, and Talking Babies

This post is dedicated to our new life in Baton Rouge. And Harper. Duh.

But, first, a tribute to the place I grew up.  I lived in Texas my whole life.  It was mostly hot, sometimes humid, and full of pride, but lovely and so very unique. My only complaint for the longest time was that I would never see a white Christmas and then the miracle happened in 2009.  It was magical. It was as if Bing Crosby was in my living room, singing to me as the snow fell. I never once believed that living somewhere else could be better. I loved traveling, but I could always come home to the Lone Star State. To the Rangers, Mavericks, Cowboys, Stars, biggest contiguous state, Six Flags, cool cities, lots of country, BBQ, and (alright, alright) cowboy boots.
Two things you need to know about Baton Rouge.  #1 is that God is moving here.  It is humbling and way too fun to be part of this people and this movement. There is a hunger and vulnerability in people that can only be explained by a God in love with them!  #2 is that there is traffic.  Always.  Miles mean nothing in this city.  Time of day and the state of the interstate determine your travel time.  Like the other day when there was a chemical spill on I-10.  The entire interstate was shut down for about 24 hours.  It ended with the city burning off the chemicals and the fire department putting out the fire.  Sounds more simple than it was, I'm sure.  All of this commotion caused the city to be one giant traffic jam. One of my friends was on the road for 8 hours just to RUN ERRANDS. Reporters were interviewing people in their cars because they were at a standstill.  It was c-r-a-z-y. Being my father's child, I have tried to find back ways, the fastest ways, and really just any way to get places.  It's like my own little game... in the car while I'm sitting in hours of traffic. It's not always terrible. If you go somewhere at 6am, there's not any traffic.  Yea-uhh.  I guess a third thing you should know is that the mosquitoes are crafty.  You'd think that because the doors and windows are closed... and sealed... that they can't get in your house, but you'd be wrong.  The number of times I've woken up with mosquito bites that I didn't have the night before is getting longer by the day.  They're, like, mutant.  I'm pretty sure they can swim backwards.

And now the reason you're all reading this, I'm sure.  Harper is indeed talking now.  Though we are unsure what she is saying, she is saying it. Want some proof?
*disclaimer: please ignore the high-pitched baby talk/noises that are not from the baby... Have you ever tried to talk to a baby without doing that?

Can't wait to know what is going on in that little head of hers.
Until next time,

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