Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Days like Today

Cloudy, gray, misty, and hopeful.

Or maybe your day is defeating and boring.

Or monotonous, lonely and uninspired.

Days like today look a certain way. Dreary. Mundane. Foggy.

But what if our eyes are lying to us? The saying goes that what we see is what we get, but what if that's really just having tunnel vision? The saying should go that what we choose to see is what we get. This is perspective, not just what is in front of our face. It's overcast today, but does that mean the sun isn't shining? You're feeling defeated today, but does that mean you aren't victorious?

Hope. This should be our perspective. Hope is an anchor. It's our North Star in a storm. Hope helps us see our reality through God's lens. It is a greater truth. Your days may be mundane, but the greater truth is that you are created for abundance. Today is cloudy, but above those clouds is the sun.

And that's why I love days like today. It reminds me that there is something greater that maybe I just can't see. It reminds me to check my perspective at hope. It challenges me to believe in the unseen. What will you choose to see today?

And now a short life update for those wondering...

Third trimester life has begun. We have registered. I'm beginning to think about the birthing plan (I'll just inform Jake, mostly, because he gets a little woozy at the thought...) and baby girl is most definitely a mover and a shaker. Speaking of "baby girl," she actually does have a name and it is....

This is a picture from 23 weeks, so I look (and feel!) a bit bigger now.

Jake and I are continuing the process of building a team of people to support us financially and prayerfully as we prepare to move to Baton Rouge this summer. If you want to be part of our update list, please send me your email and physical mailing address! We would love to hear from you. My email address is at the top of this page.

One last thing, as I was writing this post, the sun came out. The greater truth prevailed again!



  1. This text is hard to read

  2. Hi I'd love to get your updates!

  3. Also Abigail, you're remark about "I'm beginning to think about the birthing plan (I'll just inform Jake, mostly, because he gets a little woozy at the thought...)" intriges me, have you been talking to people or reading books. I'm more in Jake's court when it comes to thoughts about pregnancy and birth.

    1. Hi Steph! I've mostly been talking to people about it. I've done some reading, but not very much. It's on my to-do list!